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"Satisfied Havanese Owners"

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"Satisfied Havanese Owners"
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Show breeders are like cooks or scientists. They pick ingredients to work with to make what they feel will work.
First is to adhere to ones breed standard in health, structure and temperment.To breed for the next generation.
The pet owner benifits as we have the best interest of the breeds future as our goal.
On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received in my guestbook and via e-mail. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the original article, review, or interview that provoked the comment. In some cases, I also may respond to the comments.
In 18 years involved with Havanese,there have been very few issues with my breeding. My line is considered one of the soundest available considering the breed started with such a small gene pool.

* From those who have our Havanese *



Subject: Update on Lochy
HI Jerome
I hope all is well with you. We are taking Lochy for his second checkup today. HE IS DOING GREAT!!!!!! He gets more kisses than anyone in the whole house. He is the most LOVED dog in the word.Lochy is also the most loving dog I can imagine, and has been a wonderful addition to our Family.
My boys say you breed the best dog and keep it up! We where the only family in the neighborhood without a dog, and all of the kids in the neighborhood have adopted him as there dog, they kids come over every day looking for kisses from "there dog".
He appears to be house broken, he has only had one little accident in the last week. He was sitting by the door waiting to go out, he doesn't bark when he needs to go, I have hung a bell, but he doesn't ring it, he just sits there. We always have an eye on him or someone is playing with him.
I can't imagine a better dog!


"Fiona is an AKC Champion"

I purchased a show and pet from him

I purchased my first show dog from him recently and I couldn't be happier with the support he has given me and the quality of my dog. She is well on her way to a championship. I got my very first dog ever through a sire of his and after five years of perfect health and a great temperment on my first dog, I didn't hesitate to go to the best to get my first show dog. Jerry is a wonderful man amd truly a founding father, a pioneer in this breed.
Note: Fiona is now "AKC Champion HAVANIQUE'S FALASHY FIONA OF ZIVARI" and litter sister to our Ch.Havanique's Simply Azorbable.


I cannot begin to describe the joy Maxx (aka Janos) has given me. He will be 7 on 4/28-time does fly.
He's a great traveler, and since Dave & I are both retired, we now drive to and from VA and Key West. He gets a lot of attention from people. Many times I am asked where I got him-and refer them to you. Just yesterday morning, we were at the Farmers Market in historic Williamsburg, and a woman stopped me to talk about him/Havanese, and asked who the breeder was.
By the way, my mother and several friends have stated that Maxx is the smartest dog they have ever known. They are constantly amazed how much and what he understands.
Hampton, VA



Remy's status:
Remy was great the entire trip back...he waited until we got home to pee & poo...(on the paper).
He stayed with us the entire time, following us from room to room. He did eat and drink a little bit.
I set up the play pen and the cage, left the doors open and he just went in and out ...(we didn't want to lock him up until he get's used to them).
About 9pm we were watching the Oscars and he curled up with us on the sofa going back and forth from Michel's lap to mine and back again.
We went to bed about 10pm or so and placed the cage next to our bed...he walked into it and we latched the door. He slept very quietly thru the night and got up with us about 5am this morning...followed us out to the kitchen, went into his play pen and had some food and fresh water and went to the bathroom.
He follows us wherever we go...I work at home in my office and latched him in his cage but he whimpered and cried even though he was right next to me. So I opened the door and he jumped into another little bed that we bought and is sleeping right next to me right now. I'm afraid to go out to the kitchen and get some more coffee because I know he'll wake up and follow me out.
The only negative is that if he is locked in the cage or the play pen (even if we're in the same room) he whimpers and yelps, but we understand that he will do that until he get's used to his new we will not be leaving him alone or locking him in the play pen until he get's used to his new surroundings...(hopefully in a week or so).
We love our new family member!...thank you Jerry!
Ken & Michele


(after Vet. visit)


Remy is doing great.Took him to the vet yesterday for his wellness check (comprehensive exam.

The results were great.His stool checked out negative,no worms, great heartbeat. He has both his things,ears and eyes are great,temperature was normal (101),legs and all else were good.




I just wanted to update you with some more pictures. I am having a great time with him and am in love.
He officially knows his name "Poppy", he finally can make it down the outside stairs (about 8 of them) to the yard, but refuses to climb the stairs to my 2nd floor and if I carry him up, he doesn't want to come down. He knows how to sit on command as well, of course for a treat. I am still working on potty training because I have to leave him for so long during the days. I ended up putting a play yard in my kitchen so I could confine him and Phoebe to a smaller area while I am gone so I don't have presents all over my kitchen. He hates to be combed, so I hope he will grow to enjoy it.
I absolutely love his personality, his demeanor and his charm. While 2K was a lot to spend on a dog, I have absolutely no regrets. I certainly hope that I can purchase another dog in the future from you.

Richmond, VA.




Just wanted to let you know that Kata has arrived safely in Carmel and my husband's mom, Jackie, is totally in love with her.She is sleeping every night in the bed with Jackie as she cried the first night for an hour in the
crate before Jackie gave in:-) Jackie is renaming her to Sacha (pronounced Sasha), so we are calling her Kata-Sacha to help her get used to her new name.
I am sending you some other pictures as well. Everyone loves Kata-Sacha.She is the sweetest, quietest, and most loving dog I have ever met!


Hi Jerome,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of our LOVELY dog.  He has been a
wonderful addition to our family.  He was very easy to house train, finished
at 16 weeks.  He is great with our kids and all the kids in the
neighborhood, he loves to play.  He shows so much LOVE to us all and has
been a major joy.  Lochy likes to stand and perform tricks, he is a real
show off.  He has such a sweet disposition and is a wonderful companion.
Thanks for giving us all the good doggy advice.