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Hungarian Champion Salemi CoCo was a dream pet and show dog. Unfortunatly we lost him when he got away from us in November 1999.
CoCo loved to ride in Zsuzsanna's basket on her bike. Her shadow. Not only a proven winner in competition he left a legacy in the get he left for our breed here and Europe.
His children in Hungary are winner in the ring and the whelping box. Son, Astor was top winner in Hungary 2000/2001. Astor is carrying on contributing to the breed in his ability to reproduce the quality his father passed to him.
CoCo left us with two wonderful sons of excellant quality to carry his legacy into the future.
His litter brother AKC Champion Salemi Charly ROM is one of the top producers of AKC Champions in the breeds history.
Please visit Charlys page to learn more on this special Havanese.



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Hungarian Ch. Salemi CoCo