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Havanique Shades OF Gray
Havanique Simply Dazzeling
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*Havanique's Expresso To Sucesso*
*Ch. ZujerO Carmel Candy Apple*
*CH.Rlynn's Hug A Bear By ZujerO*
*CH.Salemi Jupiter of ZujerO*
Ch.ZujerO Refund for Torza
*Aust.Ch.ZujerO After Burner for Torza*
*Ch. Salemi CoCo*
*Ch. Genre Tango by Lejerdell*
*AKC/Aust.Grand Ch.Torza Rocket by Lejerdell*
*Mars (Cuban Import)*
ZujerO Black Knight
A.K.C. Champion Salemi Charly ROM
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Due to laws the American Kennel Club can not register a dog born in Cuba. Offspring of these dogs can be if born in a country in which the American Kennel Club has an agreement with. Therefore it is possable to breed two Cuban bred dogs in another country and the get be imported and registered here.
Through international cooperation between the Kennel Silky Dog of Mia Lade of Denmark we purchased Mars with Ria and Peter Salamon of Hungary
This venture opens a new direction offering new lines when combined with the Salemi breeding which through their breeding program has helped the breeds development globally.
We look forward to when his get are here and contributing to the future of the Havanese.
Mars is available to screened females. The Salemi site can be found under links as can Kennel Silky Dog who retained his litter brother, Zeus.



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