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* Havanique's Bear It All *

Havanique Shades OF Gray
Havanique Simply Dazzeling
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* Havanique's Bear It All *
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*Ch. ZujerO Carmel Candy Apple*
*CH.Rlynn's Hug A Bear By ZujerO*
*CH.Salemi Jupiter of ZujerO*
Ch.ZujerO Refund for Torza
*Aust.Ch.ZujerO After Burner for Torza*
*Ch. Salemi CoCo*
*Ch. Genre Tango by Lejerdell*
*AKC/Aust.Grand Ch.Torza Rocket by Lejerdell*
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ZujerO Black Knight
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Now with Karma Havanese in California. Watch for him at shows.

Bear is a repeat of the breeding that produced Ch's Zorbi and Ch. Fiona.
Bear is a reproduction of his sire, Ch.Rylnn's Hug A Bear by ZujerO. A spectacular coat which when left alone will cord on it's own. Under the hair is a super anatomy representing the breed with correct movement due to perfectly placed shoulders.



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