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Russianique Russian Toy Dogs

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Thank you for your interest in this spectacular gift the Russian dog fanciers have developed.

                          *Russianique Russian Toy Dogs*


I support the "Russian Toy Club of America" "RTCA" to be the parent club with the AKC. Breed information can be found at:

Another informative site is the UKC parent clubs site: "Russkiy Toy Dog Club of Am". "RTDCA"

Also breed information can be found at: "The Russian Toy Dog Club of Am"."TRTDCA"


I became involved in 1994 with the then Moscow Toy Terrier after meeting the breed while being involved with rare breed shows. I was befriended by Anna Frumani of Rusdog who shared this marvelous dog in and outside the shows. 

Life and circumstances prevented me from pursuing my interest in 2003. Though watching their progress through the years since has rekindled my interest. Fortunately I was able to procure two top example of the breed now known as Russian Toy Dogs from owner Liz Moore.
What a come back. Andrei a six year old took Best In Show and Stormie Group placements two weeks after they arrived at an ICAB show in Virginia July 2013. Repeated in PA. August 2013. 
The Russian Toy community is comprised of some very knowledgeable owners with years of experience in other breeds who see the potental this breed offers those who live in an urban society. Sturdy, stable temperament, generally healthy and extremely intelligent. 
The Russian mind set is a dog must have purpose. So Russian breeders developed a breed who can respond too training,catch vermin and warn of intruders. This breed adapts to dog sports quite easily (OB/Agility).



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