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**** PUMI **** Hungarian Hearding Terriers.
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A dog that takes work serious.

"Fighting Bulls" Circa early 20th Century
Artist: Vestage Geza (1866-1919) Museum..Szeged, Hungary.



PUMI?    What is it?
A small hearding Terrier bred for centuries in Hungary. Thought to be from breedings with Pulli and small French Terriers.
Size is between 16 1/4" and 18 1/4" at the shoulders for males and proportunatly less for females.
The breed is rather comical, energetic, repsonsive to training and all canine sports. Devoted to there owners.
The Pumi requie activity to stimulate there minds as any Hearding breed requires. They do best when they are integrated into your life at an early age to bond with your life style. They are not aggressive to children with proper interaction from an early age.
The Pumi can be a barker as they are very alert.
The Pumi is a recognized breed, native to Hungary by the FCI. Presently they are registered as a new breed by the AKC (American Kennel Club) Foundation Stock Service (FSS).
For shows they can be shown at rare breed, UKC and any countries holding FCI shows.
Enjoy your visit.



Hungarian stamps honoring native dog breed.



Chutak discovers snow.

Chutak snow faced 6 months

Egres and Havanese friend, Kryke.

We are finding the breed to do well with our other dogs. Easy to house train and not agressive to visitors.
At this point they are young and we have yet to experiance the adult nature and temperment. But in general we find them to be an excellant companion.
They show interest in our ducks and chickens, but have shown no agression.
The breed is very agile. Fences are no problem if they decide they wish to scale them. They love to go for a swim in our pond.
If you are interested in the breed, be sure you have the time to work with and train them. They are not a breed that will be couch patatos. They need activity and stimulation.

Egres two days before she was sent from Hungary.

What's New?

Take Note:
The Pumi is very new to the United States.The breed is available from Hungary and Scandenavian countries where the breed is quite popular.Ocassionally a litter may become available here.
We can and have arranged imports for serious fanciers who have the best interest in developing the breed.Or wish a challenging, wonderful pet.
We will not help you if we are not comfortable you are not the right home for this wonderful breed.

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