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Our love story:
Through my friendship with Anja Bours of the famous Dutch A Maiden Effort Havanese I was introduced to Maria (Ria) Patern of the Salemi Havanese Kennel in Hungary.
Offered a 10 month male at a rediculous price, I offered more than asked. Ria and Peter deliverd this male, now Champion Salemi Charly ROM to our friends in Cannes France.
Were they were surprised with a gift of a wonderful little Havanese girl. Now Hungarian Champion Salem Promise by Lejerdell.
Conversation with our friends in Cannes lead to Ria asking me if I would like to write to her dear friend Zsuzsanna. Seven months later we held each other for the first time.
I had found the the missing part that makes me a whole person. We found our soul mates in one another.


Together with Zsuzsanna and the freindships of noted breeder exibitors around the world our breeding program is holding it's place in the history of the Havanese.
Our pride at finding the right homes where our dogs are appreciated and treasured is as important,if not more important than those being exibited.
Our dogs being healthy and owners are required to follow through with the guidlines we set is paramont to obtain a dog from our breeding. We breed to the Standard of our breeds with the goal to be competitive. But often show homes are not available, so the pet owner benifits from our efforts

Our greatest pride is the discovery of the Tsvetnaya Bolonka and bringing them to America. Promoting the breed to recognition here and around the world.
We hope you will enjoy your visit and come back to see what is new.